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Our business is about technology, but we are only as good as our people when it comes to leading the way for Clear Thinking and our clients.

Our Leadership Team

Meet the people driving the way forward for the success of Clear Thinking and our clients.

Stuart Oldham

Chief Executive Officer

“As the founder of Clear Thinking I have always supported businesses to see opportunities for improvements when others may see obstacles in the way. Today my focus is on delivering smart, secure infrastructure solutions for our clients, while supporting my team to feel empowered and capable of delivering above and beyond our high expectations.”

Jo Oldham

Communications Director

“Creating a culture that puts our People and our Client’s first has always been the way forward for Clear Thinking. By communicating clearly and listening to understand, our team keep learning to grow & they enjoy the culture we are creating. As a result, our clients continue to be valued, their businesses are successful & their people experience positive operational outcomes."

Lawrence Browne

Technical Security Manager

“I believe in leading by example, especially regarding the compliancy & security for Clear Thinking and our clients. At Clear Thinking, we practice what we preach and are working towards our ISO27001 certification to achieve an official stamp of approval from an external auditor. Once achieved our team will continue to consistently operate in a compliant & secure manner and that makes me happy.”

Nicola Bridger FCCA

Finance Manager

“Being Clear Thinking’s Finance Officer is so much more than number crunching. I am focused on supporting the business in making timely investment decisions that will position our resources to support meaningful growth for the business, our clients and all the people that work with us. Delivering future success for all involved with Clear Thinking.”

David Sullivan

Sales Manager

“Creating the best customer experience is front and centre of our business model. Having worked in the IT industry for over 30 years, I bring a wealth of experience in helping customers get more from their IT investment. With hybrid working the new normal, I can help modernise your business with cloud services to move you ahead of the competition. We are a cyber and security first business, so solutions proposed will be with a view to protecting your business for the ever-changing IT landscape.”

Tom Howard

Service Desk Manager

“Having been in Service Desk Manager roles for almost 10 years my goals have always been to ensure the Service Desk runs as efficiently as possible. In addition to this, I strive to help my team develop their own careers and achieve their absolute personal best.

I believe in having the right technician assigned to a task swiftly and we often hear new Clear Thinking customer’s say how impressed they are by the responsive level of support they receive when an issue is raised. As a team we will continue to review and improve what we do, so we can consistently meet the five star service we promise.”

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