Business Cyber SECURITY

A Managed Security Service Provider MSSP that will protect and transform your business.

Guard your businesses IT infrastructure confidently by partnering with Clear Thinking to deliver a preventative strategy with the latest technology.

Our Business Cyber Security Solutions


Our preventative approach starts by ensuring Clear Thinking clients operate by the 10 steps to Cyber Security, as standard. Supporting clients through further certification processes means they are protecting their business as well as their customers.


We work closely with our clients to ensure they comply with the rapidly changing legislations that will keep reputations and revenues to an optimum. With active monitoring, management and reporting we ensure the right rules and processes are in place to deliver clear accountability for our client’s infrastructure and security.


Our security solutions strive to prevent disasters from happening in the first place while also preparing your business to survive a worst case scenario. Our disaster recovery solutions start with preventative planning, suggested implementations, regular testing, monitoring and ongoing management.


Network vulnerability security scanning is a necessary resource that allows our security team to search for any security flaws before they are exploited by malicious attackers. This preventative approach reduces any risks to our customers business and allows us to address issues before any damage is done.


Active monitoring of both incoming and outgoing network traffic is an essential first line of defence for the security of our client’s infrastructure systems. It is essential for any business that puts security high on their agenda to be confident that their firewalls are being proactively monitored.

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