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Discover the Advantages of Barracuda Sentinel

At Clear Thinking IT, we provide a number of high-quality security systems as a managed service provider. Among the leading artificial intelligence (AI) based anti-malware services around today, Barracuda Sentinel affords complete peace of mind 24/7 from a range of threats.

  • Barracuda Sentinel was developed by Barracuda Networks, a US company that has an unrivalled reputation as a network security provider
  • An email protection tool that is highly rated around the world
  • Defend your organisation from spear phishing
  • Avoid electronic correspondence that mimics the name and style of a trusted sender
  • Ideal for larger organisations as well as SMEs
  • Roll-out top-quality protection with little or no disruption to your business

Hosted Barracuda Sentinel Protection

Spear phishing replicates email styles and addresses that are already known, thereby making it much harder to spot and more likely that someone in your organisation will hand over information and data that they should not. Setting up Barracuda Sentinel within your organisation will mean protecting yourself from this sort of attack as well as obtaining numerous other benefits:

  • Microsoft Office 365 users will be fully safeguarded
  • Businesses, including SMEs, are less likely to suffer from cyber criminals impersonating them
  • Protect your customers and clients from their data being breached
  • Deploy a suite of email protection tools for all electronic correspondence
  • Defend your organisation in real-time 365 days per year
  • Ensure genuine emails get to their intended recipients
  • Make use of the latest AI technology that can learn how and when to deal with developing issues
  • Avoid placing your local area network (LAN) under undue stress
  • Set up a reliable domain fraud system that protects your company’s website address

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Obtain Cutting Edge Email Protection With Barracuda Sentinel From Clear Thinking IT

The whole approach taken by the professional cyber security team at Clear Thinking IT is there to help ensure that your business is fully safeguarded from a range of threats. This means that we can add Barracuda Sentinel to your current suite of cyber security systems or set it up as a stand-alone provision on a month-by-month basis, as you see fit. The experts at Clear Thinking have all of the know-how that is needed to make best use of the Barracuda Sentinel’s API-based architecture and ensure that it works smoothly with the rest of your network communications, whether they are in email or any other format.

Bear in mind that the unique approach taken within Barracuda Sentinel means:

  • No reliance on static rules to detect targeted phishing attacks
  • Obtaining a top-notch service is built on the historical data statistics of each organisation where it is deployed
  • Much more targeted protection becomes possible
  • Barracuda Sentinel can help to determine a higher degree of accuracy with phishing protection
  • The likelihood of facing problems from an account takeover will be minimised greatly
  • Deploying DMARC authentication systems swiftly
  • Gaining our expertise in cloud services and other email protection systems
  • Obtaining round the clock support
  • Ensuring business continuity
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