At Clear Thinking, we provide a comprehensive IT certification service that can be used by any organisation to improve their compliance within the various regulatory regimes they might operate under.



These days, ensuring IT systems comply with the right standards is not just about ensuring that they meet the industry’s best practices but they also make sure that businesses are not exposed to risks from breaches and potential fines from regulators. Given that there are a myriad of different rules in operation today, it is essential that all companies seek expert assistance with their IT certification. This is where Clear Thinking can offer unrivalled support.


ISO 27001

Obtaining ISO 27001 status means holding a highly regarded accreditation. It is recognised the world over but especially in the UK where managing personal data, in particular, is something that regulators look closely at. This has resulted in the rapid take up of this exceptional standard by numerous British businesses and, at Clear Thinking, we can help your organisation to achieve the same status. We are experts in assessing and making recommendations about what will need to be done to obtain ISO 27001 accreditation. What’s more, our team will be there to help you implement any changes that may be needed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Cyber Essentials

We are very well established with meeting the standards required under Cyber Essentials. At Clear Thinking, our approach is highly scalable, so this type of IT certification service will suit smaller firms as well as much larger companies. We cover the ten steps of cybersecurity to bring your IT systems up to a level where they can achieve accreditation, steps that are the minimum requirement needed to meet the National Cyber Security Centre’s current standards. Our Cyber Essentials accreditation also comes with extensive support packages, including data breach response plans and Office 365 back up, to name but two areas.

PCI Compliance

The other main area where we provide IT certification services is in the field of payment card industry (PCI) compliance. This is essential for any organisation that takes payments through web portals or e-commerce sites, for example. The industry regulator in the UK is the PCI Security Standards Council. Since their advice and requirements are subject to updates, any commercial operator taking card payments today needs a service provider that will help them to ensure all payments remain secure, details are not held unnecessarily and meet all of the relevant security parameters. This is exactly the accreditation service that we provide.

Benefits of our IT Certification Service

Improve accreditation with a comprehensive IT certification service

Business-based services that ensure IT security standards are prioritised

Information security management systems assessed and managed

An IT certification service suited to SMEs and larger organisations

Expertise in ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials and PCI compliance

Ongoing support available to ensure compliance is maintained

Go further than your current data compliance responsibilities

Make sure legacy systems comply fully with current standards

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Why Choose Clear Thinking As an IT Certification Service Provider?

The team at Clear Thinking has all of the expertise in information security management systems (ISMS) you need to ensure your regulatory compliance is assured no matter which sectors or territories you work in. In an ever-changing regulatory environment, we are here to ensure that your company stays one step ahead of the game.

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