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Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Clear Thinking's Expertise With Fortinet Makes For a Powerful Combination

Fortinet is trusted by some of the worlds largest enterprises, service providers, and government organisations around the world. There is a lot to be said about the world class cyber security systems designed and made by Fortinet. At Clear Thinking, we are proud to be a Fortinet Advocate Partner which makes us the ideal British-based IT company to turn to for a suite of impressive cyber security products. If you are looking at how you can better safeguard your organisation’s network with a raft of Fortinet security systems, then Clear Thinking’s professionals will be your perfect partner. We have extensive know-how with Fortinet products and conduct our own research and tests to ensure that our clients get the best out of them.

  • Enjoy protection from next generation firewalls
  • Stop web-based threats with FortiGuard
  • Avoid trigger downloads by filtering web browsing
  • Upgrade your LAN security with secure Ethernet switching
  • Build a network that is 5G secure
  • Manage email communications to remove spam and malware
  • Ensure data centre security is maintained at all times
  • Make use of automated threat analysis and targeted threat tools
  • Benefit from cost savings through device-based licensing
  • Combine Fortinet’s protection with Clear Thinking’s know-how

Benefit From Security-Driven Analytics and Logging

At Clear Thinking, we can help you with the roll-out of the entire range of Fortinet security systems including FortiAnalyzer, a powerful tool that helps businesses stay on top of the many threats they face from cyber criminals. With FortiAnalyzer, it is possible to gain deeper insights into the sort of advanced threats that may be coming your way and to take appropriate action to counter them. Our expertise with these sorts of advanced systems will
help your organisation to get the best out of them including the use of single-pane orchestration and automated response analysis. In short, we can simplify the processes for you, helping your company to:

  • Enjoy enhanced threat detection and correlation
  • Build automated workflows that protect your networks
  • Develop better compliance reporting procedures
  • Be able to produce data rapidly for regulators and information audits
  • Benefit from scalable log management from systems like FortiSandbox, FortiMail and FortiWeb

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Why Turn to Clear Thinking for Fortinet Protection?

At Clear Thinking, we have what it takes to deliver Fortinet’s impressive array of security systems into your organisation. Big or small, our team of expert installers will be able to seamlessly integrate Fortinet intrusion prevention systems and anti-viral software as well as VPN services and updated firewalls with your current security arrangements. At Clear Thinking, we offer:

  • Extensive research with Fortinet’s many systems
  • Fully tested integration processes that make Fortinet products function seamlessly
  • Expertise with the full suite of Fortinet products
  • Real-time protection services
  • Adaptive cloud security
  • End-to-end visibility that helps to identify threats and their source
  • Fortinet’s high-quality LAN access control systems
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Network protection with reduced complexity
Cyber Security

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