Managed IT Services for the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry

At Clear Thinking, we have the technical expertise and experience to deliver effective IT solutions that meet the complex challenges many pharmaceutical and healthcare companies face.

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Clear Thinking’s Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry Expertise

More than ever before, the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector’s operations depend on the smooth running of technology. By making the most of  our experience, we can offer everything from IT strategy, design and the implementation of crucial IT processes, to cyber security through to regulatory compliance.

Established in 2009, Clear Thinking provides IT support services to pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses throughout the UK. 

Clear Thinking’s focus is always on delivering value-driven IT solutions to our clients. Indeed,  as specialists with plenty of experience working in highly regulated industries, we are experts at providing technology-led solutions within the pharmaceutical sector. 

Our experts bridge the gap between technical expertise and business understanding.

Clear Thinking's Framework

Working closely with our clients, we have built a four-part framework to meet the demands and challenges of the pharmaceutical sector:

  • IT Support
  • Cyber Security
  • Compliance
  • Value-driven Services

The Results:

Improved Productivity Levels 

We put in place systems that support your key business objectives resulting in the improved productivity of your staff and the wider business. We will advise you strategically and implement a robust IT infrastructure that supports your long-term business objectives. 


Ensuring Compliance 

Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies face some of the strictest regulations of any sector. We will work with you to ensure compliance with the likes of HIPAA as well as handling other information security needs, such as GDPR and Cyber Essentials


Minimising the Risks of Cyber Crime

The losses from a cyber-attack can be staggering. Whilst all sectors are subject to cybercrime, rarely are the effects felt more devastatingly than in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Our preventative, multi-layered cyber security strategy is built for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies and it will protect your business 24/7.


Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity 

Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies cannot afford downtime. Clear Thinking plans for every eventuality and, if disaster strikes, we will implement business continuity services to restore critical IT systems, ensuring you can continue to operate. To comply with HIPAA regulations, businesses must have a plan in place, so let Clear Thinking protect your business and ensure compliance.  

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