Cyber Essentials is a government backed and industry supported initiative which allows your business to demonstrate that good levels of Cyber Security practices are in place within your organisation.

This is a highly recommended and recognised process to go through with the support of a qualified technical partner such as Clear Thinking.

Virtually every organisation relies on digital services in some way and where there’s technology, there’s an element of risk that you can help protect your business from.

Boosting your businesses reputation will attract new business by assuring customers that you have cyber security measures in place.

  • 93% of certified organisations are confident that they are protected against common, Internet-based cyber-attacks.
  • 61% of certified organisation say they are more likely to choose suppliers with Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus certifications.
  • Certified organisations are more likely to implement cyber security controls beyond the schemes five controls.
  • Certified organisations are more aware of the risks posed by cyber-attacks.

Protect your business with Clear Thinking’s Cyber Essentials Support:

  • Business protection against approximately 80% of cyber-attacks.
  • Increase your chances of securing new business.
  • Demonstrate security and help secure your business supply chain.
  • Work with the UK government or MoD with the CE Plus certification.

The governments Cyber Security Breaches survey 2021 found that 39% of businesses and 26% of charities experienced a cyber security break or attack in the previous year.

Criminal Hacker Myths you should NOT believe:

  • Hackers are state-sponsored agencies.
  • Hackers are activists only looking for high-profile targets.
  • Hackers spend countless hours staking out and researching victims.

Criminal Hackers are:

  • Opportunistic
  • Using automated attacks
  • Exploiting poorly protected targets

Protect your business from being another statistic by speaking to your technical partner and following these 10 Steps to Cyber Security:

  1. Setting up your Risk Management Regime
  2. Network Security
  3. User Education and Awareness
  4. Malware Prevention
  5. Removable Media Controls
  6. Secure Configuration
  7. Managing User Privileges
  8. Incident Management
  9. Monitoring
  10. Home and Mobile Working

Medium sized organisations are partnering with Managed Service Provider Clear Thinking because our Cyber Essential Support is inclusive and transparent.

We work with your team to achieve Certification status and provide you with ongoing Cyber Essentials Support.

Further information, including package prices can be found here:
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The Clear Thinking team are on hand to empower you and your business to succeed, securely and compliantly.

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