New Customer On-boarding


A successful customer on-boarding is absolutely vital to us here at Clear Thinking.


It is the start of a new partnership and sets the tone for your future relationship with Clear Thinking. You’re handing over the keys of your business to us, and it’s our responsibility to deliver a well-structured on-boarding to set you up for success and develop a long-lasting relationship.

Every organisation is different so there isn’t a one size fits all approach. Clear Thinking have been in business for over 11 years so we have an established framework we work to, but are flexible enough to adapt to each business and take on any unexpected challenges.

We recently completed an on-boarding that has not only reduced our new clients recurring IT spend, but has dramatically improved their overall IT.

We thought we would share the story, highlighted below, because we understand many companies do not see the ongoing and proactive tasks that go into maintaining your IT systems and infrastructure.

In this particular example the health of the clients IT, managed by their IT provider of over 6 years, was at breaking point, with the company completely unaware. Their service provider had neglected very simple tasks and left them vulnerable to a cyber attack, spending more than they needed to and ultimately slowing the business down.

If you are unsure on what your IT provider is delivering, then ask them for reports on topics such as:

  • Patch Status
  • Server Status
  • Security Report
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Asset Reports
  • Ticket SLA Report

You can discover more about our managed solutions here, and if you want to contact us just send us an email or visit our contact page.