To achieve the Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work status there is a clear focus on enhancing customer productivity and providing effective support to customers on their hybrid journey into the Cloud.

Partners must demonstrate they are aligned to their customer’s needs with a solution driven approach, technical capabilities and experience to deliver successful outcomes for their customers.


To be successful in this designation we were measured on our skills, performance and customer success to ensure we have the expertise and competency to provide professional hybrid solutions.

Partnering with a Modern Work Solutions Partner means:

  • The technicians are laser focused on discovering solutions for any challenge.
  • You can feel confident the technical team are capable of transforming your organisation in an evolving business landscape.
  • End-to-end solutions that drive success and foster long-term profitability.
  • Extensive product specific knowledge to work with you on your most pressing challenges.
  • You will experience working with a solution-driven technical partner who understands end-to-end scenarios including hybrid deployments.

In line with our mission to empower others to succeed, by achieving the Modern Work status we will continue to deliver what you need to grow.
“We work in collaboration with Microsoft because our team can gain the expert knowledge they deserve to become specialists in their fields. With the right information, they can apply the right solutions, the outcome is heightened job and customer satisfaction. This provides us with another way to strive in empowering others to succeed.”
– Jo, HR Director

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