The wealth of data available on Healthcare business systems make this sector very attractive to cyber criminals resulting in cyber threats being a significant challenge for health care organisations.

According to IT Governance the Healthcare industry experiences the highest number of data breaches annually.

Maintaining the integrity of health data requires professional support that will implement and demonstrate best practice through recognised certification schemes. While also prioritising compliance to maintain network and information security.

Partnering with a professional service provider will ensure you have access to specialist support that will put your organisation in the best possible position to prevent incidences or at least reduce the impact should they occur.

The Client:

One Heart Clinic is a London-based cardiac centre of excellence that brings together world class cardiologists who have consultant posts at the leading London Teaching Hospitals.

The clinic provides the full range of non-invasive cardiology investigations, using state-of-the-art equipment. Their cardiologists work collaboratively to combine their expertise for the benefit of all One Heart Clinic patients.

Website: One Heart Clinic

The Challenge:

One Heart Clinic were a growing practice who needed cohesive IT support.

Working with many sites in different locations and working remotely during the pandemic was one of their biggest challenges. Trying to make everything aligned was very difficult for them to manage and One Heart needed a solution which was going to be very nimble and agile.

Another challenge was finding a supplier who would engage and simply listen to their requirements.

The Chief Operating Officer told Clear Thinking:

“Clear Thinking have actually spent the time to understand our business, which has been a notable difference compared to some other IT suppliers we have spoken to in the past.”


IT Support

Backup and Advanced Email Security

Hardware Purchases and Installation

Licence management

Ongoing project support

Ongoing consultancy

Onsite Support

Staff Training

Gap Analysis Workshop

“Clear Thinking have been a great choice for One Heart Clinic. They are incredibly pro-active and have taken the time to understand our business. This means that when we need technical support, they understand how to manage it efficiently.“

Mikaela, One Heart Clinic, Chief Operating Officer
Average Customer Service Score in 2021


Since partnering with Clear Thinking, The One Heart clinic has grown and the business is experiencing a vastly improved IT Support Service. In turn this has enabled them to focus on the core parts of the business to deliver an outstanding service to their clients.

One Heart appreciate the speed and efficiency of the Clear Thinking service desk team and truly feel they are in safe hands when a rare problem does arise.

The Clear Thinking project team made it their priority to understand the inner business structure. This allowed them to implement the required hardware, security and service levels that this client deserves.

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