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There has been a significant impact on the Insurance Industry since Covid 19. The highlights include the ever increasing importance of:

Cybersecurity. There has been an increase in concerns with people working from home, as personal IT systems and set ups are not as secure as the office environment, leaving more devices susceptible to being hacked.

Compliance. Especially from key vendors, to ensure companies are able to manage security beyond their own walls is essential.

With professional technical guidance to deliver a preventative, proactive approach organisations in the insurance sector can be well protected.

The Client:

Consort Insurance are an Essex based Commercial Insurance Broker, established in 2013. Offering a range of business and commercial insurance products across a variety of industries, from Professional Indemnity to Contractors Combined.

Consort Insurance combines a rare degree of business insight with the highest level of customer service. Their services are also tailored to the client ensuring they are always kept in the loop of any developments happening by maintaining contact in the most appropriate way.

An example of what makes Consort Insurance stand out from the crowd is their Client Service Portal which allows their clients to have direct access to their own information as and when they require it. Allowing clients to have control of which staff member have access to the portal.


The Challenge:

As Consort Insurance continued to grow, they required a reliable and proactive IT partner. With increasing demands on compliance and the growth in cyber threats, and to ensure efficiency within the businesses they turned to Clear Thinking to provide a holistic outsourced IT solution.

In the time working with Clear Thinking, Consort have more than doubled in size and Clear Thinking has been there to scale their IT system to meet the demands of their growing business.


Fully outsourced IT infrastructure solution

IT support

Backup solution

24/7 proactive server management & maintenance

Office 365 migration and management

Hardware purchases and installation

Ongoing project support and consultancy

Security strategy in line with 10 steps to cyber security

"Clear Thinking have supported our business in an exemplary fashion throughout the pandemic, we didn’t see any dilution of service whatsoever throughout the period.
The significant benefit from our perspective was as a result of the works that had been collectively undertaken well prior to the pandemic striking.
Over a period of time, we have worked closely with Clear Thinking to revolutionise our virtual working environment across our staff.
Therefore, the best testimonial I can provide relevant to Clear Thinking’s service provision is that as a business, we suffered zero interruption to our business as a result of the pandemic as we already had a robust system in force that allowed us to seamlessly switch our entire staff to work from home instantly."

Consort Insurance’s Broking Director


Choosing Clear Thinking has meant that Consort’s technical problems are at an all-time low, which is primarily down to the proactive way we manage their IT – ensuring we uncover problems before they occur so there is minimal knock on effect to the client.

As cyber threats have increased Clear Thinking have been one step ahead implementing forward thinking and multi layered cyber security including email security, encryption, and AI driven software.

This has meant that Consort operate with heightened efficiency and security, resulting in a happier and more productive workforce and much happier customers confident that Consort are a reliable, compliant insurance broker.

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