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Insurance brokers rely on using technology and innovation to deliver results for their clients.  Operating within a secure infrastructure that mitigates risk and meets with regulations, works hand in hand to deliver a high level of productivity that creates more hours in the day to be client focused. 

Technology opportunities are available to solve the many challenges insurance brokers face, while also enhancing their client experience.  Developing and maintaining a trusted technical partner relationship to review and implement these opportunities is instrumental for brokers to succeed.

The Client:

Carroll Holman are an independent Lloyd’s and London Market Insurance Brokers.  PSC insurance group is a diversified insurance services group with operations in Australia, the UK and New Zealand. 

Established in 1988 the organisation has built a diverse specialist broking and underwriting platform focused on service, enabled by interactive IT solutions. 

The Carroll Holman and PSC group understand the importance of service and combine this with continued product development and evolution. Their focus is to deliver this to their clients seamlessly across their product lines and multiple offices.

Website: Carroll Holman, PSC Group

The Challenge:

Carroll Holman and the PSC Group businesses rely heavily on a smooth running IT infrastructure and one of the biggest challenges they had was to find a supplier they could trust.  They had a few suppliers before Clear Thinking and the Managing Director told Clear Thinking: 

“I always felt unsure about whether we really had the systems secure and well managed.”

In a time where cyber threat is possibly one of the largest risks to their business, it was more important than ever for them to find a long term partner they believed in.  

As an acquisitive group, Carroll Holman and the PSC Group are always making changes to accommodate new group businesses and they needed a rock solid backbone to do this well, therefore they engaged with Clear Thinking.


Office relocation

Office expansion

Multiple office support across the UK

Internet Network installation and management

Company acquisition support and management

24/7 proactive server management & maintenance

PC Management

Licence management

Quarterly onsite consultancy reviews

Back-up solution

Vulnerability Security Assessments

Office 365 migration and management

Hardware purchases and installation

UK based Technical Support

DRaas – Disaster Recovery as a Service

Ongoing project support and consultancy

Firewall upgrades & management

Security strategy in line with 10 steps to cyber security

“I instantly noticed a significant difference to the way Clear Thinking work. We know Clear Thinking are not about finding ways to sell you product but all about creating the most secure setup they can. I can genuinely say this is the first time we have had a supplier that I feel is truly part of our business.”

Carroll Holman’s Managing Director


The outstanding result with this customer, is to hear that the biggest thing they feel by having Clear Thinking as partners, is trust. 

From the outset the Clear Thinking team were very open and laid out all the facts.  A considerable amount of time was spent reviewing, auditing, fixing, updating and enhancing the infrastructure security, while pointing out solutions to holes they were not aware of.  

This resulted in an improved infrastructure that allowed us to efficiently integrate the businesses they have bought into their group, making that part of their operation seamless.

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