For modern day businesses expert IT support is essential.

Clear Thinking provide IT Support in Essex and London. We also support organisations further afield across the UK and have been doing so for over 10 years.

Today we’re going to look at why IT Support is important to your business.

Trust the experts

IT Support that’s fit for purpose in the modern day goes beyond fixing basic computer issues. You need to consider cyber security, 3rd party supplier management, information security, GDPR, compliance, backups… and the list goes on! The ramifications for any of these important areas being mismanaged can be severe so using a trusted IT support partner is the way forward.


There is no way around it, IT can be very time consuming. We allow our clients to focus on their business whilst we focus on their IT. Using a trusted IT support partner means reduced downtime, swift responses to IT problems, faster IT systems and less disruption when issues do occur.

Data storage and information security

Data storage that is designed and managed well ensures your business meets various compliance regulations, such as GDPR. Organisations face threats to data security every day so having this managed properly is paramount. Penalties for failing to protect data can be severe, so don’t leave it to chance.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is probably the most talked about topic in the IT world, and rightly so. Cyber threats change every single day. Trusted IT support professionals use the latest in advanced cyber security measures to protect your business. We carry out extensive research and testing on the products we use to ensure we are providing market leading solutions. One of the products Clear Thinking use is SentinelOne, an autonomous AI Platform.

A government survey has found that cyber attacks are evolving and becoming more frequent year on year. 68% of medium sized businesses have experienced a security breach so you must do everything you can to prevent being another statistic.

Flexibility and scalability

A robust and secure IT infrastructure means your business runs smoothly and can react to change quickly. If you are anticipating growth, then speak to your IT support partner about how technology and IT can help enable this. For example, if you are going to be hiring 20 new staff in a short period of time, or moving to new offices, you need your IT to support this growth. Also ask yourself how prepared your IT was for the covid-19 pandemic. Companies with good quality IT support were proactive and ready to react quickly.

Final word…

When considering what to do about IT businesses do of course have options. Some hire an internal IT Manager or IT team. This is a viable option for many businesses, and we provide complementary support for this too. Most SME’s however opt for outsourced IT support because it tends to be the most cost effective, secure and flexible solution.