As the nation starts to consider “the new normal” the conversation has moved onto how the UK will return to work. In some cases, employees have already started to return to the office, but for many remote working remains the preferred option.

Changes to lockdown are gradual and affect different industries in different ways. Businesses must also be prepared for the guidelines to fluctuate with very little notice. Therefore, organisations must take the time to prepare and plan their next steps, while ensuring they are flexible to react to more changes.

Where do we, as IT experts, come in?

Well, IT is central to office-based businesses succeeding. We have guided many businesses through lockdown and are now on hand to offer the IT expertise required for the return to work. The workplace has changed dramatically and may never return to pre-COVID-19 normality. With that change in the workplace IT and technology has of course moved on. Businesses must adapt quickly!

Let’s take a look at some of the essentials of returning to work that employers must consider. There is an abundance of resources online from subject matter experts, but the below is a top line overview of what needs to be considered:

  • Carrying out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment
  • Staff well being and safety, ensuring the workplace is set up for social distancing and managing the numbers and movement of people
  • Establishing a return to work process and communicating this to employees
  • Taking into account the different situations and preferences of employees
  • Ensuring your business can comply with NHS guidance on hand washing and hygiene procedures
  • Is it sensible to want all staff to return to work at your premises at once? While employees who can operate from home are advised to, you should still be taking steps to support this
  • HR, legal, and administration considerations
  • Ensuring your IT infrastructure is up to scratch

How can Clear Thinking help?

Having the right IT and technology solution in place puts businesses in an advantageous position to react to the changes and demands of the current landscape. Those with the right IT Support, and the right support partner, at the start of lockdown transitioned into 100% remote working with minimal disruption, while those who didn’t, were left playing catch up with an inadequate solution.

We’re on hand to help you!

Take advantage of a free technical consultancy with one of our experts. Discuss your return to work strategy and let us guide you through the IT side. Simply email us today. This can be conducted over the phone or a video call.

Remember, an IT solution that was fit for purpose in 2019 more than likely isn’t fit for purpose post-lockdown. If you have concerns and are worried that your IT needs improving and updating, speak to us.

This post cannot cover every possible situation, but we do hope it provides some context and insight of the issues that businesses will need to consider as restrictions begin to be relaxed.

Here are some handy links as promised:

CIPD advice

Official Government Guidance